The hugely popular American Girl Dolls redesigned the underwear on its current line and some customers are furious...

American Girl dolls

According to a statement on the companies Facebook Page:

A message to our fans;

We take our customer comments very seriously, as well as any changes to our dolls. We would never change our dolls without careful consideration, and we want to address feedback received about the new underwear design, which will eventually affect all of our Truly Me dolls; the BeForever characters Julie, Melody, and Maryellen; and some of our contemporary dolls to come.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, below is a side-by-side picture for comparison. The doll on the left is in a pair of our existing briefs; the doll in the middle features the new design; and the doll in the swimsuit has the new underwear design underneath. As you can see, the underwear will not interfere with any of our doll clothes and should not interfere with our swimwear.

Doll play is fueled by imagination and the new underwear design should not hamper a girl’s ability to create limitless play opportunities.

We appreciate all the feedback. We love our fans and love how passionate this community is about American Girl. We care deeply, too.

Your friends at American Girl

Some Mom's are mad that the underwear in permanently stitched to the dolls body therefore teaching girls they don't have to change their underwear!  And some say it has diminished the Doll's quality. Here are some of the Facebook comments:

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

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