An Indian airline named GoAir has announced that they'll only be hiring female flight attendants from now on.

Right now, their flight crew is 40% male . . . but they're not getting rid of the male flight attendants.  They just aren't hiring any new ones.  They think it'll reduce the percentage of men to about 30% . . . which is more in line with other airlines.



And here's why:  On average, women are between 30 and 45 pounds lighter than men . . . and lighter flight attendants save fuel.



Every extra pound on a plane costs a little over two cents in extra fuel costs . . . two and a quarter cents, to be exact.  By only hiring female flight attendants, GoAir expects to save half a million dollars a year by using less fuel.



They're also reducing the size of their in-flight magazine, and carrying less water on board to make their planes lighter.