The Muppets may get an even fresher start than returning as Babies. According to reports, the beloved franchise may yet receive another TV reboot for Disney’s impending streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter announced as much, though no writers or creative talent are attached to the new version of The Muppets, which could premiere with the Disney streaming service itself in 2019. This is a second reboot for The Muppets since Disney acquired The Muppets Studio in 2004, following ABC’s 2015 iteration that saw the beloved characters running a late-night talk series. That version of The Muppets was seen as overly adult, and ended up canceled after one season.

The Muppets is one of many Disney-branded properties eying new TV versions for the streaming service, including a live-action Star Wars series, new Marvel projects, a Monsters, Inc. series and a High School Musical revival. THR’s report also indicates that the recently-confirmed Mighty Ducks TV series is also likely to end up on Disney’s new streaming service.

Muppets fans will also have the new Disney Junior Muppet Babies series to look forward to in March, featuring Jenny Slate as Miss Nanny and a new theme song performed by Hamilton alum Renée Elise Goldsberry. Disney hasn’t yet commented on the streaming version, so stay tuned for the latest details in the meantime.

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