Is there trouble in party rocking paradise for LMFAO?

The New York Post reports that respective uncle and nephew Redfoo and Sky Blu have been at one another’s throats recently regarding the root of all evil: cold hard cash. The paper points out that aside from their Super Bowl halftime show with honorary member Madonna, the duo haven’t performed together much recently (sans last night’s ‘American Idol‘ onstage soiree) and that finances are to blame.

“Redfoo has always been promoting himself, doing his own thing,” a source said. That explains his $100K a night DJ gigs, remixes and club appearances. Apparently Sky Blu, who doesn’t hit the stage as often as his larger-haired counterpart, is uncomfortable with Redfoo’s use of the band’s “Party Rocking” slogan for his solo gigs, and that’s where the “growing rift” began.

Hopefully the ‘Shots’ rappers, who just scored nods for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, can overcome their alleged differences — otherwise their upcoming world tour is going to be all sorts of awkward!