Ashton Kutcher has the greatest idea for an episode of Punk'd with Billie Eilish.

Even though the 41-year-old actor will not be hosting the upcoming Punk'd revival and did not get a call about taking part in it, he still has a few prank ideas up his sleeve. The Ranch star revealed on The Late Late Show that he would want to work with the "everything i wanted" singer if he ever had the chance.

"I was like thinking, if I did it, I would probably, like, go get Billie Eilish or something and I would create a bit and I would call it 'Bad Guy,'” Kutcher told host James Corden. "And the idea would be... the CIA would show up at her house and be like, 'Listen, we need your help with an issue that we’re having. Have you ever heard of Mohammad bin Salman [Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia]?'"

From there, the former prankster would convince her that the Crown Prince's daughter is a huge fan of hers.

"We need you to put this wiretap in his hotel room," he continued. "And like, take her there and have the FBI or the CIA person be like, 'I’ll be there and give you the signal when you’re clear to do it.'"

The idea doesn't end there: "And the actor playing Mohammad bin Salman [would] be like, 'What is this?' And then all of a sudden the chase ensues and it turns into a full-length thing. To me [it's like], go big or go home, right?'"

Watch the interview, below.

The revival of the classic prank reality television show will be streamed exclusively on Quibi and hosted by Chance The Rapper. The new platform will launch on April 6.

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