Maybe wearing a mask enhances the criminal's mind into further thinking that subterfuge is best way to keep getting what is desired without having to pay for it.

It does make the job of law enforcement much more challenging when the faces of alleged law breakers are shielded. With that in mind, three different law enforcement agencies are beseeching your support in helping to snag this guy:

Pasco/Richland PD

This yarn starts in Richland, its RPD case 20-22667, Vehicle Prowl and Identifty Theft. On the morning of October 2, 2020 several credit cards were stolen out of a vehicle that was parked at the Chamna Natural Preserve in Richland.

Knowing the clock was ticking before discovery, the perpetrator quickly went to the Kennewick Fred Meyer and the Pasco Walmart to purchase gift cards. Pasco PD (20-28681) and Kennewick PD (20-39654) are also investigating. Please help them identify those wanted. #teamwork #pascopdhaswaybetterhashtags

In the comment thread, one poster wondered why cashiers aren't confirming names on debit/credit cards with their ID’s, especially when people are forced to wear masks? "Taking extra measures for our safety does not stop at people wearing masks, store clerks should always double/triple check!!"

That's a great point. It's not like you can purchase gift cards at the self-checkout kiosks, you have to go to the customer service counter to get gift cards. Maybe some food for thought moving forward at other Tri-City area businesses, where gift cards may be purchased, perhaps just a little more due diligence.

If you can assist in the above case, please call the non-emergency line at (509) 628-0333.