Swedish DJ Avicii, he of 'Wake Me Up' fame, was hospitalized last night (March 27), forcing him to last-minute cancel a seriously high-profile gig at Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach.

TMZ reports DJ Cassette informed the crowd that the EDM superstar was in the hospital. The artist was all set to take the stage and do his things with deck and no advance announcement was made of his cancelation, so his medical ailment seems to have been a sudden one.

The SLS gig was a big deal. The luxury hotel was even rebranded itself to feature his name as part of their partnership, which is pretty maj, so that had to be a disappointment for fans and the higher ups at the venue.

The gig was scheduled as a warmup show in advance of this weekend's much-anticipated Ultra Music Festival, which is essentially an EDM summit.

TMZ confirms that Avicii, 24 and born Tim Bergling, was discharged from the hospital and that he was no longer staying at the SLS. We don't know what ailed the EDMer -- his rep only said that he was sick -- but we're glad he was released and hope he is okay, even if the powers-that-be at the hotel are probably annoyed that the performance didn't go down as planned.

Feel better, Avicii.

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