If you haven't heard the news yet, Tapteal Elementary (2100 Sunshine Avenue-West Richland) and William Wiley Elementary (2820 South Highland Boulevard-West Richland) have returned to in-person learning.

As students return to the classrooms, drivers need to be aware of increased foot-traffic in school zones.

Road signs in Japan : Warning signs, Children crossing

A reminder from law enforcement officials...PLEASE USE EXTRA CAUTION when navigating through school zones and neighborhoods.  When you see the flashing yellow lights, please slow down and obey the 20mph. speed limit.  Also, watch for students using cross-walks.

Student schedules are different at this time, so please pay attention to crossing guards.  They often have reflective yellow or orange vests and crossing flags.

According to the West Richland Police Facebook page:

speeding tickets written in a school zone are double the monetary penalty and can not be waived, reduced, or suspended.

Also, if you're dropping off or picking up a student, use the school's designated lanes for this purpose.  Follow the rules.  Be safe.

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