A video of an unknown prankster turning a Virginia school board meeting into an episode of The Simpsons is going viral.

Earlier this week, a Henrico School Board meeting was derailed when member Roscoe D. Cooper III unwittingly called out a list of punny names written down for the open comments section. As HuffPost and all of Twitter rapidly realized, Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, Wayne Kuhr, Don Kedick and Ophelia McCaulk were sadly not in attendance.

In fact, they were fake names submitted by some unknown genius who has apparently watched one too many of Bart Simpson's iconic prank calls to Moe's Tavern on The Simpsons.

Despite this, Cooper did his best to read the names out properly, which resulted in some perfect double entendres.

No one has owned up to submitting the names just yet, but they really deserve an award. Check it out below.

Here are some examples of the master himself at work.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with the video. Plenty of users tweeted to weigh in on the epic prank. One tweet called out Cooper for going through so many names before realizing he'd been punked. Another referred to the joke as a "classic."

"It appeals to my sophisticated palate of comedy," they added. "You just made my day," another tweeted. Others commented on some of the best names that were said aloud. One user even said that they felt like a celebrity because it happened in their home town.

The viral video spread to other conversations happening on Twitter. One user mentioned it in response to a video of a woman threatening school board members at a different meeting. After acknowledging the woman's dark message, they found a positive way to look at the future. "Did you see the clip where the kids gave the city council a bunch of Bart Simpson prank names in the public comment roster," they asked. "Maybe we'll be ok"

Check out some of the best responses to the hilarious prank, below.

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