Lost Puppy Finds Love On Valentine's Day In Tri-Cities Washington

Love works in mysterious ways and sometimes love is just looking you back in the eyes when you least expect it. 

credit:ben franklin transit
credit:ben franklin transit

Angel Has Found Her "True Love" Thanks To A Kind Ben Franklin Transit Worker

Talk about the sweetest Valentine's Story ever in the Tri-Cities as an abandoned puppy finds true love when it least expected it.

It was quite a surprise for Washington State Ben Franklin Transit worker when he discovered a lost puppy on his route.

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Ben Franklin Transit posted this message about this amazing love story:

On Saturday, December 9, Facilities Support Specialist Todd was on trash duty, covering for a coworker who was absent that day. At his stop across the street from the Pasco Farmers Market, he got out of the truck, opened the door, pulled the trash can out, and staring back at him was a puppy!

credit: ben franklin transit
credit: ben franklin transit

She wasn’t barking, crying, or making any other noise, so passersby would not have discovered her. He picked her up, brushed her off, and put her on the seat of the garbage truck.

Todd continued his route until he got the go-ahead from Road Supervisor Frank – who snapped this picture – to take the puppy to the BFT campus so his friend could pick her up while he finished his workday.

Todd decided to adopt her and named her Angel. He took her to a vet the following Monday for an exam and shots, and the vet said she was approximately eight weeks old and a border collie-lab mix.

Todd said that God sent him an angel that day; but it seems like Todd was the angel here, saving this puppy from who knows what fate if he hadn’t found her that morning"

Angel is healthy and thriving and loving her new life with Todd.

As you can see, it's a beautiful Valentine's Day story ❤ Best wishes to Todd and Angel!

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