A wreck in Benton City on Sunday night might've been avoided if the driver had just pulled over for a traffic stop.

The accident happened Sunday night at the roundabout as you come into Benton City but the chase actually started on I-182 and continued west on I-82 until the driver and vehicle exited at Benton City.

The driver of the car was Andrea Laborin, 25, and was being pulled over for expired license tabs when she started to speed away from the Washington State Patrol.

Trooper Chris Thorson says that Laborin crashed her vehicle at the Benton City roundabout after hitting another vehicle in the roundabout. The driver and the passenger of the other vehicle weren't harmed in the accident.

Laborin tried to flee after wrecking her 1999 Toyota Camry but was quickly apprehended by WSP troopers and booked into the Benton County jail.

Trooper Thorson says that traffic was light on Super Bowl Sunday as troopers pursued Laborin.

According to a news article from KOMO:

Laborin was booked into the Benton County Jail for suspicion of Felony Attempt to Elude, two counts of Felony Hit and Run, and numerous other felony and misdemeanor crimes. Many of the crimes are not related to the high-speed chase.

A judge set Laborin's bail at $100,000. You can read more details about the chase and case here.

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