If you're a masochist find out just how ugly you really are for only 99 cents!

The Ugly Meter App can be found in IPhone and Android stores. The app scans your face and analyzes the data for symmetry, proportions, and overall bone structure. Based on these criteria it will tell you how ugly you are on a scale of one to ten!

This data is very accurate because it gave Stacy a 0.9, and told her that she was "the hottest one in the room", while I only received an 8 and was told that I could "go through a haunted house and collect a paycheck at the end".

I don't need to be told how unattractive I am! This is exactly why I went into radio and not television.

The Ugly Meter App has brought in more than $500,000 and is anticipated to be bigger than Angry Birds!


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