You may be surprised how close some fantastic places in Canada are to Tri-Cities. For a full tank of gas you can see a lot over a three-day weekend. Take a week off and go explore the Canadian Rockies.

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    Okanagan Valley is 5.5 to 6 hours

    Go wine tasting in the Okanagan Valley. The biggest city is Kelowna, BC. You can drive north from Omak and enjoy scenery, fruit stands and wineries all the way north for hours. Penticton and Lake Louise is a popular boating location for Washingtonians.

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    Vancouver BC only 6 hours away!

    I know it seems longer since that drive north on I-5 is boring, but Seattle is 3.5 hours and Vancouver is only 2.5 more!

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    Whistler is 7 hours

    Yes it's a ski resort, but in summer you can mountain bike, hike, raft the white water and see waterfalls.

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    Yoho National Park is 8 hours

    Featured in the June 2015 issue of "National Geographic" the Yoho National Park is in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Banff is right next door but Yoho is Canada's Yellowstone.

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    Victoria is 8 hours

    A lot of young people get disappointed in Victoria. It's most popular with older adults. A lot of what attracts younger people to the island is better on Whidbey or Orcas islands.

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    Banff, Alberta is 8.5 hours

    Banff is one of the most popular mountain resort towns in the world. It receives 3.5 million visitors a year in both winter and summer.

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    Jasper is 11.5 hours

    More laid back than the busy Banff and more accessible than the remote Yoho, Jasper is an excellent choice for hiking, camping and fishing.

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