I don't know a thing about prime rib, except that my husband loves it. And, when my husband is happy, I'm happy. When we visit his family they always serve prime rib. Where can you get great prime rib in Tri Cities?

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Who knew prime rib would be such a hot topic? I saw a post the other day and I'm sharing. If anything, you'll discover a great place for fantastic prime rib. The post is from Theresa.

Do y’all remember the former Gaslight Bar on George Washington Way? On Thursday nights they offered a 2 for $30 Prime Rib Special. Now that it’s no longer the Gaslight, I’m wondering where the chefs/cooks who did their Prime Rib went? I really want their Prime Rib again. Any ideas? TIA.

So. Many. Responses.

From Steven-

That was 20 years ago, likely they no longer cook. It is a lot to fix, I would have one for Christmas. But it is just mother and I at Christmas. Slow cooked in beef broth and onion soup. I like it medium.

Rod replied with an image (see above) of his recent prime rib dinner, served at the West Richland Golf Course with a salad.

Lots of folks chimed in.

Kennewick's Crow's Nest Bar and Grill at Clover Island Inn serves prime rib on Friday and Saturday.

Beth G reports that Richland's Two Bits and a Bite serves a prime rib special on Friday.

Louise and Norm enjoy prime rib at the Sports Page in Kennewick on Friday and Saturday.

Other local restaurants serving prime rib specials are the Crazy Moose Casino on 20th Avenue in Pasco, Coyote Bob's in Kennewick, and Uncle Sam's Saloon serves their prime rib on Saturday. Uncle Sam's is on Gage Boulevard in Kennewick.

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