Sometimes when you get arrested, it's not always in the bad side of town.

The Pasco Police Department managed to nab a suspect in a beautiful scenery that was picture perfect.

The Pasco Police Department always have a great sense of humor and here's how they described the scene...

First we need to set the scene. It was a beautiful evening out near the river and dozens of families were out enjoying an evening stroll down the bike path near the Blue Bridge. No doubt most weren't expecting a bunch of patrol cars to start driving down the path with their lights on.

The man being arrested in this photo was reported to dispatch as allegedly violating a domestic violence court order that prohibited him from trying to contact the caller or coming near their home. He fled as police were arriving and got onto the bike path, going west under the Blue Bridge. Officers gave chase in their cars as he ran down the bike path and when they caught up with him he complied and was arrested. He was booked into jail for violating a court order, which he allegedly violated last night as well but got away before we arrived. He also had a warrant for Escaping Community Custody out of the Department Of Corrections.
Order Violation 17-39569

Looks like the Pasco PD got their man and here's the beautiful scenery picture of the arrest as promised.

facebook/pasco police
facebook/pasco police

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