Boeing in Seattle was put on full alert after realizing certain systems were attacked by the WannaCry virus.

Boeing's Chief Engineer Mike VanderWel sent an immediate memo to the company titled "All hands on deck" after realizing the "777 (automated spar assembly tools) may have gone down", according to news reports. Boeing officials were worried this could be as big a problem as the battery problem they had in 2013 with Dreamliners that took engineers 3 months to figure out and correct.

After a full assessment was done, Boeing was confident that the infection and attack were limited to just a few systems. They updated those systems with patches to prevent the virus and all returned to normal operations late Wednesday.

The WannaCry virus is a "ransomware" virus that uses a flaw in windows to take control and force you to pay to have it removed. The virus first struck in May 2017 in business computers all over the world.

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