I'm thinking quick cash or a video game obsession led to the BRAZEN theft of a expensive game console at the Game Stop on 27th in Kennewick yesterday...Here's what went down:

A male subject wearing a hoody sweat shirt and sunglasses entered the store and advised he wanted to buy a 1 terabyte XBox bundle system. The store manager retrieved it and placed it on the counter. The male then asked for a specific game. When the manager was retrieving the game the subject leaned over the counter and grabbed the $349 dollar gaming system and ran out the door. A witness followed the suspect into the Home Depot lot and watched him get in a 2004 grey Jeep Cherokee, WA # AEA7268 and flee the area. The Jeep came back registered to a ALLYX P. AKRIDGE out of Richland. RPD checked that address and found out this subject had moved a while ago. Unknown if the owner of this get away vehicle was assisting the suspect. If you have any information on this crime or where we can find the above vehicle, call us at 628-0333.


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