A Britney Spears fan created a video of the pop diva, tracing the changes of her face from infancy to current day all the while capturing her success and her turmoil as a pop tart.

Brit turned 30 in December and this minute-long video captures every era of Britdom, from her adorable tot period to her success as a child performer to the height of her jailbait/Lolitla/schoolgirl/sexpot image to the Kevin Federline years to the meltdown to her current state of calm stability with fiancé Jason Trawick. The sole constant? Brit’s ear-to-ear smile.

While the singer’s toothy grin remains, the variable through it all is her hair color and length, as well as the professional and personal situation she was embroiled in.

The pigtails from ‘…Baby One More Time?’ Check. The shaggy bob? The platinum blonde, hangin’ with Hilton (as in Paris) locks? Yep, those are here too. The extensions that were visible during her sloppy MTV VMAs performance? Check. The shaved head, followed by a variety of wigs, like the hot pink one? That’s featured here, too.

Even though some of the pics are unsettling (Brit sobbing with hat and chocolate locks atop her head) while others are sweet (holding her boys or posing with Trawick), most showcase this beloved entertainer’s naturally pretty features.

Watch Britney Spears’ Face Morph Through the Years