California Passes A New Digital License Plates Law AB 984

Digital license plates might be in Washington State's near future. California has approved digital license plates, is Washington State next?

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Will Washington State Be The Next State To Allow Digital License Plates?

New technology can change everything and digital license plates are here and some states are already allowing them.

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According to an article from, California is the latest state to allow digital license plates. Arizona and Michigan already allow them. As the new plates become a reality, is Washington State next to allow them?

The Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates Bill (AB 984), passed earlier this month, allows California vehicle owners to use the digital plates, made exclusively by California company Reviver.

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Digital license plates work through an app that offers registration renewal, vehicle location services, and security features according to the CBS article.

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One of the cool features of the plates is that you can update or create a banner message on the plate.

Digital plates could be the future for some and offers them on its websites. There is a cost - about $19.95 per month, or about $960 for four years. Installation fees are $99 according to the website.

Three states right now allow digital license plates but as progressive as Oregon and Washington have been in the past, it wouldn't surprise me if we don't see digital license plates in the future on some Pacific Northwest rides in the future.

You can read more about digital license plates here and check out Reviver's website here.

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