It's truly amazing how far technology has come in all areas of life, including agriculture.

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Calves were recently born into the world at Walla Walla Community College, resulting from embryo transfer.

According to the WWCC website:


This week WWCC had a historic moment as the first calf ever to be born on campus joined the Warrior family in sub-freezing temperatures. The birth has been years in the making and marks an important milestone in the future creation of WWCC Ranch a complement effort to WWCC Warriors Acres, an on-campus student grown produce initiative.

Calf #1 is Pippin, the result of innovative techniques and a commitment to excellence.

Animal Science instructor Tyler Cox, students, and embryologist/veterinarian Dr. Wisse performed the amazing artificial insemination on a cow, and transferred the embryo to a surrogate cow, that carried the growing calf to birth.

How long is a cow's pregnancy?

According to Billings Farm, gestation in cows is about 9 months and 10 days. When a calf is born, it weighs about 45 pounds, and can stand and walk within the first hour of life.

Despite the cold weather, the calf is doing well and is on track for a healthy future thanks to regular checks by Cox and the students and having the most important ingredient of all–a good momma that is attentive. More calves are expected.

WWCC offers degrees in Animal Science, Plant & Soil Science, and Agriculture Business. New classes begin March 29th.

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