I think it's technically illegal, but we always buy from them if we have enough cash on us. I love it that they do that. I recently moved and they haven't been to my new neighborhood yet.

It's always a couple of relatives, sometimes with kids in tow, walking the neighborhood with a cooler. Chicken, pork... sometimes they have pineapple ones.

Some nights we sit on the porch and eat them and other times we stick them in the freezer for later.

They've come to my office before and we all had a fiesta. It's the great entrepreneurial spirit. They're selling something everyone wants for a cheap price. They make their money on quality and quantity.

You take a risk buying from someone without a business license. They may not even have a food handler's permit, but you trust them because you admire them and after forking over your $10 or $20 everyone leaves happy.

It's one of my favorite parts of summer!