Oregon's Cannon Beach reopened after a cougar was seen on Haystack Rock.

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It's not every day that you see a cougar on the beach. Actually, this cougar managed to make its way up the iconic rock over the weekend and seemed to be stranded for a time. Crowds gathered on Sunday morning trying to get a glimpse of the mountain lion. The beach was shut down for the public's safety. Neighbors were alerted of the cougar sighting and safety signs were posted. There were multiple posts on social media regarding the incident.

@that_coast_life Replying to @Ang 🙃 It looks like we have a happy ending for Rocky, the Haystack Rock cougar. And! Wait to the end to see our new beach wildlife friend that showed up this morning. #cannonbeach #haystackrock #cougar #oregoncoast #fyp ♬ original sound - that_coast_life

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed that the cougar had moved on.

A game camera captured images of the animal leaving the popular Haystack Rock rock on Sunday night. Tracks were also observed in the area heading away from the beach. It's believed the cougar found its way to the rock at low tide Saturday night to hunt for birds. The beach was reopened to the public on Monday.

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