21-year-old Marshall W. Mckee of Benton City faces several charges including burglary, attempted auto theft/malicious mischief, and a number of misdemeanors. McKee was apprehended Monday morning after officers responded to a call of a vehicle prowl.

I saw the Pasco Police tweet come in Monday morning regarding THIS VERY SAME car prowl as I was working.  One of the responsibilities we have is to keep up to date on local happenings.

It seems as officers caught up to McKee, that he was involved with other activities as well.

So of course, when I read the Pasco Police Facebook page later today. I had to share. The writing of this eventful day is too good NOT to.

BURGLARY SUSPECT ARRESTED: Weed like to announce the arrest of suspect Marshall W. McKee, DOB 021299 of Benton City, on...

Posted by Pasco Police on Monday, October 26, 2020

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