Kennewick Police are searching for a suspect in a drive-by shooting that occurred yesterday on the 600 block of N. Tweedt Street.

Pasco Police were able to recover the car used in the drive-by shooting but the suspect is still on the run. Both Kennewick and Pasco Police are working together to identify the suspect involved in the drive-by shooting after 6 PM last night in Kennewick.

Here is the official report as filed by the Kennewick Police Department:

On 04-06-21 at about 1802 hours SECOMM began receiving multiple 911 calls from the 600 block of N. Tweedt St with the callers saying that the occupants of a red or maroon-colored SUV had fired shots from the vehicle and then fled. Upon arrival into the area officers located multiple witnesses who indicated that there was some type of disturbance and then shots were fired from a vehicle.

An area canvass was conducted and there was at least one vehicle that was located with damage to it that was believed to have been caused by this incident. At this time, no other vehicles/property/persons were found to be damaged or injured in relation to this incident.

Surveillance footage was located showing the suspect vehicle leaving the area. Our partners with Pasco PD located the suspect vehicle abandoned in Pasco. The vehicle was impounded so that a search warrant could be obtained and executed at a later time to help identify the suspect(s).

Kennewick Police believe that the incident is an isolated incident. KPD is still investigating the incident and is asking if anyone has information concerning the shooting.

They are also asking that if you live in that area and had any property damaged during this incident to contact the Kennewick Police so that you can be added to the report.

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