Cars have come a long way from the simple Model T. Apparently, they still have a way to go.

A dealer showing off the driver assistance features for the Volvo XC60 may want to send the vehicle back to the factory after it malfunctioned and rammed into a group of people watching.

The car rolled back slowly before turning all HAL in 2001 and going rogue when it zipped forward, hitting a few people who were looking on.

No one was seriously hurt.

A Volvo spokesman said the dealer was trying to show the vehicle’s safety system, which can prevent accidents at minimal speeds. Unfortunately, the system cannot recognize pedestrians.

The spokesman said, "I would like to emphasize that Volvo Cars strongly recommends never to perform any tests towards real humans, only dummies or similar objects should be used."

Guess you can say the dealer learned that the hard way.

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