The 4th of July weekend kept Pasco Police busy with two separate cases involving teenagers out of control.

Kids being kids ends with stabbing

A stabbing, vehicle assault, and a case of car surfing had Pasco Police smacking their heads as they had two separate cases of teenagers going wild over the 4th of July weekend.

I see a lot of groundings and punishments in these teen's futures. Pasco Police posted about the incidents with their usual flair and tongue in cheek headline with 'Girls Gone Wild"

Here are the details of the case:

On Sunday, the Fourth of July, officers went to a local ER in Kennewick to investigate a 16-year-old Kennewick female with a non-life-threatening laceration who was reporting that she was stabbed. Officer Frantz arrived at almost 11 PM because KPD had been sent there first. Eventually, it was determined to be part of a larger fight in a parking lot at Wade Park (Rd 54 and the river) at about 8 PM.

About five hours after that investigation, at about 4 AM after the swing shift officers were off-duty, graveyard officers were dispatched to a report of drunken teens in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express, 4525 Convention Place.

Officers arrived there to find a group including three of the same teens named as involved in the stabbing, including the named stabbing suspect herself, but they did not have that info at the time.

What they did have, however, was a case of car-surfing where a 17-year-old Pasco male had climbed on top of a car driven by a 17-year-old Pasco female who appeared highly intoxicated according to officers.

She objected to him being on the car. Accounts vary. He fell off and physical evidence indicates that he was dragged about 20 feet in a straight line partially under the car, suffering obvious but non-life-threatening injuries. He climbed into the car after that and was a passenger when officers stopped it.

He and another highly intoxicated teen female received medical treatment at the scene and were transported for further treatment. It appears that the group was attempting to locate a room party to continue the festivities.

The driver was booked into Juvenile Detention on investigative holds for Vehicular Assault and DUI. The car was impounded for a search warrant. WSP troopers and detectives from ISD assisted with the investigation. Other teens may face charges in the future.

Pasco Police are still investigating the incidents but as usual, drinking alcohol and teenagers on a holiday weekend doesn't seem to mix well. If you have details on either case, reach out to the Pasco Police.

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