Someone is shooting cats in Richland. My heart sank as I was checking out my neighborhood postings on the Nextdoor app. This makes me very sad. I feel for the family of the dead cat, and am grateful for the person who found him.

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Another neighbor reported that multiple shootings have occurred over the last year and asked for people to check their security footage to see if anything useful might be found.

A cat lover myself, I don't let my cats roam outside. They stay indoors and are micro-chipped for identification.

Growing up in Minnesota, we had two cats that were let outside nightly after supper. Mostly, Homer and Jethro would come home in the early morning while we were having breakfast. They would meow at the door and come inside. One time, Homer arrived with a hole in his head. This was not good and a visit to the vet was in order. What happened? The vet told us it was the result of a catfight. As soon as Homer healed, the duo was back out roaming the streets during the night. Days later, Homer and Jethro didn't return, ever. From that point on, our cats stayed indoors.


Most veterinarians acknowledge that pets are safer by staying inside. They aren't risking exposure to other aggressive cats, cars, disease, or poisonous plants.

And, they're certainly NOT exposed to an aggressive shooter. Richland Police Captain Brigit Clary believes the cat killing is an isolated incident, and noted that if caught, the shooter could face charges of animal cruelty. She recommends for pet owners to keep them inside for their safety.

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