Just in time for another Wet Nose Wednesday with our friends from Pet Overpopulation Prevention in Pasco comes the coolest cat with the prettiest blue eyes!

Bunny is up for adoption and she's a sweetie! Bunny is 5 years old and is a registered longhaired ragdoll.

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We'll let Bunny tell you all about herself.

Hello, my name is Bunny!

Bunny is a beautiful 5-year-old purebred Ragdoll. She has a sweet disposition and a cute little meow.

Bunny is affectionate and likes pats, but is not a lap cat in her current or previous living situation. She will tolerate being picked up, but it is not her favorite thing, unlike the typical Ragdoll persona.

credit: POPP
credit: POPP

Bunny has always been around other cats, but would likely do fine as a solo cat and may thrive in that situation. She has also lived with dogs and does best with smaller dogs.

Bunny would prefer a quieter household and tends to find a quiet hiding spot when napping or when things get too much for her. Bunny has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Bunny's adoption fee includes a complimentary vet exam, coupons from PetSmart and a gift bag from POPP.

If you're interested in giving Bunny a home, please complete POPP's adoption questionnaire: https://www.popptricities.org/adopt/adoption-questionnaire-feline/

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