Did you know so many celebrities were from Washington state?

So many athletes, actors, musicians, and even a few Presidential cabinet members were born in or grew up in Washington. A lot of them are from Seattle but a few are from closer areas like Spokane and Yakima. There are even a handful from Tri-Cities.

I love learning new things. I can go onto Wikipedia and pick up new facts to store in my brain. They'll lie dormant for a long time until the perfect moment arises to unleash them. Typically, these are good for parties or when you're stuck in an awkward encounter with your in-laws. My wife absolutely loves when I interrupt a show she's watching to tell her that an actor or actress is from Washington.

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In the past, we've covered celebrities from the Tri-Cities and athletes from eastern Washington. Today, we'll be expanding our horizon to the rest of the Evergreen State to cover people who lived here who went on to do great things. We'll try to limit the number of pro athletes (because we've talked about them before) and won't be including any career criminals or serial killers. If your morbid curiosity has gotten the better of you then you can always read about Ted Bundy's experience in Walla Walla.

Because there are so many famous people from Washington, we really liked this idea from our co-worker Jeff, who broke down his list by picking one person for each letter in the alphabet. It's time to find a comfy spot to read and be proud of your state. Who knows, maybe you'll even have some small talk to get you through uncomfortable interactions.

A-Z: Celebrities You Didn't Know Were From Washington

Who knew Washington state was home to so many celebrities? So many, in fact, that it was really hard to pick who made the list. There were so many athletes and musicians to choose from that we started to look in other directions. We did have one rule, however. There are no serial killers or career criminals on this list. I would like to thank Jeff Deminski from New Jersey for this wonderful idea.

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