My wife and I were at Howard Amon Park this weekend and spotted the American Pride paddle-wheeler stopped at the port and it made me realize that Tri-Cities gets a lot of tourists. 

There have been several programs we get featured on but it's always great to come across a video that you haven't seen before.

Tri-Cities Is Being Featured In A National TV Show

The nationwide TV Show Rollin' On TV featured the Tri-Cities in a recent video.

Rollin' On TV is the #1 RV and Camping show in America. You can catch episodes on Direct TV and Dish Network and many other affiliates. You'll even find them on your Roku and YouTube.

Jeff Johnson features the Tri-Cities in a quick video showing off the highlights of exploring the Tri-Cities.

Why Is Tri-Cities A Great Place For Tourists?

Our favorite Tri-Citian Michael Novakovich talks to the national host on why the Tri-Cities is a great place for tourists to check out.

Novakovich highlights the numerous RV spaces available along with some of the great places and things to do in the Tri-Cities.

Here Are Some Activities To Check Out In The Tri-Cities

He talks about the Water 2 Wine tours and renting kayaks and paddleboards at Howard Amon Park in Richland and the video even highlights Kimo's in Richland.

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The video really highlights Hanford's history and discusses the Galcier rocks left behind by the last ice age.

Rollin' On TV gives the Tri-Cities a lot of love in their video and it's a nice reminder of all of the things Tri-Cities has to offer even for us locals.

8 Things People in Tri-Cities are Sick of Hearing

Tri-Cities, Washington has its own quirks like any town or city. There are things that make people glad they live here and there are things that drive those same people up the wall. These are the things that drive residents of the windy, roundabout-y, desert paradise absolutely nuts.

Here's 3 Cool Hikes Near Tri-Cities

Badger and Candy Mountain are the two most popular local hikes, and for good reason, they're close, offer stunning views, easy parking, and they're fairly easy. But, if you're looking to freshen up your hiking experience without having to drive long distances, check out these three ideas, all within 30 minutes of Tri-Cities.

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