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We have been receiving some great stories for The Best Roadside Rescue Story Contest to win Dave Mathews Band tickets at The Gorge. You can still enter your best roadside rescue story for a chance to win the tickets. Here are three of my favorite stories so far:

1.) Beth Cram

My friend and I along with my son and her son two were heading back home from Seattle. We both live in tri cities. We were about 30 minutes from Horn Rapids and we saw a van that had broken down. A man with a wound vacuum was trying to change a flat tire. A woman was trying to calm two crying children in the van. It looked like they'd been there awhile. My friend and I stopped. The man hasn't even jacked up the van, gotten the spare tire down or gotten the owners booklet out. After speaking to the man, he'd never changed a tire before, had just had a triple hernia surgery two days prior and both their cell phones were about dead. They'd called a friend from Desert Aire, but the friend couldn't come help them till after 6pm. It was noon. On a Sunday. My friend got the kids some water (I keep a case in my car), and she helped with the children while I showed the man how to remove the spare tire. It was a spin down style one under the trunk area. I changed out his tire and put it all back together for him and his family. They were back on their way in less than thirty minutes and were very happy that we had water (it was so hot! About 100 on that Sunday) and could help them with the tire so they could get into town.

2.) Shantay DaBell

My older sister and i were traveling late one winter night in Idaho and got in an accident and slid off the road. This was before everyone had cell phones. We didn't have any blankets or much money for more than gas and were a couple hours from home. With a few prayers and a long wait for someone to stop and help us, at last someone stopped. It was a big truck and a older gentleman. We had to have faith he wouldn't bring us harm. But we didn't have much choice. He ended up taking us to get a tow truck, bought us new tires and dinner. Not only was he an answer to our prayer, but still a friend. Its not often two young girls would be not only safe on a dark winters night with a stranger but also blessed.

3.) Caren Vine

OK, How about my own?? I was a young (22) single female, driving down the highway in PA when I lived there. I finally had a car I had found, negotiated & paid for on my own that I COULD drive down the highway in without being afraid it would mysteriously die. The speed limit was 70 mph. I was probably going about 75 or so in the fast lane of a 4 lane highway. I had a MAJOR blow-out! I thought someone had shot a gun it was so loud, I swerved pretty darn hard, managed to keep it semi-straight. Thank GOD there wasn't anyone in the lane next to me, I would have hit them. I got over to the right side of the road, across the lanes of traffic, pulled over next to one of those metal barriers. Shaking like a leaf, I got out, lifted my hatch, then just sat on the barrier, dropped my head in my hands & tried to stop shaking. Then, my savior! An incredibly kind man, probably in h is early 30's, in a business truck (an electrical company) pulled up behind me, asked if I was OK, and just took over. He took off my destroyed tire, put on the spare, put the ruined one in my car, said have a great day & just took off with a wave! I never even got his name. I will always remember how grateful I was that day, because I was shaking so hard that I probably wouldn't have been able to get it done myself! Pretty boring, I know, but when you're 22 & haven't ever experienced a flat even, an explosive blow-out at 70mph is terrifying, so it was a great roadside rescue in my book! =)

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