His name is Dr. Jordan Estrada and he is a Chiropractor by day, and a viral Tik Tok star by day, too.

Dr. Estrada has over 90,000 fans/followers on Instagram but on Tik Tok, he has almost a million! What is it about his social media accounts that are making the crowds go wild?

For starters, Dr. Estrada uses popular music and remixes the lyrics to inform the public about back safety tips that he has learned in his chiropractic profession.

When I caught the story about him in a video story on Fox2Detroit.com, he was waxing chiropractic to a Megan Thee Stallion song, Savage. It was hilarious and entertaining, yet quite informative.

"I'm a Chiro. I'll show you...how to...stretch it," he raps in one of his videos while doing one of the latest fad dances.

What brought me to his Tik Tok was the novelty of the news story, but what is keeping me scrolling through his feed are all the great tips he gives. My back is always hurting and my posture is deplorable. He demonstrates techniques to resolve upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and more. I need all the tips I can get, honey!

Thank you, Dr. Estrada!

Which chiropractor in Yakima do you recommend that also accepts Ambetter insurance? 'Cause this mama needs a back doctor, stat!

screenshot via Fox2Detroit.com
screenshot via Fox2Detroit.com

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