Aaron O’Connell is 8 years old and it has been rough for him this year.

Six months ago, he and his mother Leslie O’Connell ended a life of domestic violence. He is now the “man” in the house.

“He carries groceries in from the car, always checks the locks on the front door, hugs his momma and watches out for his 12-year-old sister, who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression,” wrote Leslie.

As they move into the new chapter of their lives, Aaron works hard without expecting anything in return. He knows Christmas is going to be lean.

“He … never asks for anything because he knows I don't have the extra money and continues to do well in school despite everything going on in his life,” mom wrote 98.3 The KEY. “He doesn't have a bike and this would make a truly wonderful gift for a very selfless little boy.”

On Friday morning, Rik and Stacy Lee called Leslie and told her that her son won a new 20-inch specialized Hot Rock 6-speed bike from Markee’s Cycling Center. She was very moved and you can listen to her receive the news by clicking on the video below.

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Leslie O'Connell and Markee's Cycling Center owner Jerry Markee - Townsquare Media

Markee’s Cycling Center provided a new bike for a lucky child to win for Christmas. Rik and Stacy Lee read through all of the entries and their stories to narrow it down to six. Aaron was chosen from a drawing among the six entries.

Everyone at 98.3 The KEY and Markee’s Cycling Center with the O’Connells and everyone a Merry Christmas!


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