The City of Pasco announced Thursday they will present a series of online technology 'camps' that will start June 15.

Teaming up with Black Rocket (an online tech camp provider) the camps will be available for youth ages 8-14. According to the City's information, the camps will vary:

  1. "Monday through Friday, one-week online programs.
  2. Morning and afternoon options.
  3. A variety of program options every week starting June 15 through August 17.
  4. Immersive activities guided by live, online instructors.
  5. Moderated Virtual Room for youth to engage with the instructor and interact with the other participants."

The camps have a wide variety of topics, from video game design to Minecraft design, Javascript developing, even design your own Mario Kart type of game. For costs (most of them run around $149) and signup details click on the button below.

At Black Rocket, there's a map showing where camps are taking place including Pasco with sign up details.

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