This could be a thing.  Walmart announced earlier today that its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Sam's Club locations will also shut down for the holiday.

Walmart has traditionally kicked off Black Friday shopping by having their locations open for early shopping.

Tom Pennington
Tom Pennington

In a statement sent out to employees, CEO John Furner said he wants, "employees and shoppers to spend the day at home with loved ones.  We know holiday shopping will be different this year, and we will be managing sales events differently."

It was also announced Tuesday that Walmart and Sam's Club employees will receive a special bonus, because of the COVID pandemic.  Full-time workers will get $300 and part-timers will receive $150, which will show up in their paychecks on August 20th.

Thanksgiving Day is November 26th this year.

Would you like to see other major retailers follow suit?  Do you think they will?  Where will you shop instead?

How will this affect YOUR Black Friday shopping routine?  Let us know on our app.

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