The Collaboration Room is all about bringing artists together to swap advice on how they’ve made it or are on their way to making it in the music industry. Grammy Award winner Colbie Caillat sat down with breakthrough artist Shane Harper to share a few experienced tips on how she overcomes nerves before hitting the stage.

“There’s a few techniques I try to do before [getting on] stage to prepare me for going out there,” Colbie told Shane. Despite her preparation, “the first couple songs are still a little nerve-wracking.”

It does get better, though! “Every time I’ve performed over the past eight years, it’s gotten a little bit easier,” the singer added reassuringly. “Vocal warm-ups are very important, just for you to be out there singing properly. Also, I think the breathing technique helps calm me down.”

Acknowledging that nerves can be psychological as well as physical, she continued, “I think just reminding [yourself] to be calm and at peace, and prepare yourself for what you’re about to go out there and do, and have fun.”

Of course, for those times when keeping calm and taking deep breaths doesn't seem to be working, a little whiskey can do wonders. “I also have a little bit of Jameson in hot water and honey,” the ‘Try’ star confided. “But just a little bit! I couldn’t ever have more than a couple sips. That’s definitely one way to do it.”

There you have it, Shane — vocal drills, breathing exercises and a soothing drink are the cure to your pre-show nerves!

Watch the full Collaboration Room video with Colbie Caillat and Shane Harper above.

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