After getting the DJs on the scale today, Greg DeLange is the winner of this week's weigh in, losing a whopping 10 lbs! Great job Greg, we are all proud of you!

For everyone who voted for Greg, your name will be entered in a drawing for a year's membership to Club 24. The Get Fit Challenge will continue through mid October, so keep on voting and rooting for the DJ you think will lose the most weight. The more correct votes you submit, the more chances you will have to win the club's membership. The DJ who loses the most weight by the end of the Get Fit Challenge will also win a prize.

Now that week 2 is over and done with, which DJ do you think will win in the Week 3 weigh in? With your vote you must include your e-mail, or your vote won't be counted.

Note: You must be a VIP member to play. Becoming one only takes 30 seconds and grants you access to special contests for cool prizes like gear, concert tickets and gift certificates.

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