Tuesday morning (March 30) the City of Milton Freewater issued an alert on their Facebook page about a young cougar (four legged kind) that had been spotted on the City's Municipal Golf Course.

After taking the call, three Milton Freewater Officers observed the cougar as it meandered around the northwest area of the course for several minutes. The sighting was from South Andrea Street, which is less than a few hundred feet from the course.

Officials stressed the animal didn't exhibit any dangerous or aggressive behavior, it appeared to be a younger, smaller animal.

The sighting was reported around 10:30AM Tuesday. Officials said there's no threat to people at this time, but advised residents who live in the neighborhood next to the course to make sure they don't leave out any food scraps, make sure they're bagged and enclosed in trash cans. Like other wild animals, cougars won't pass up those kind of 'treats.'

They also advise not leaving pets outside for long periods of time, especially in evening, night or early morning hours.

Police said the Oregon State Department of Game and Wildlife has been notified, and wardens will be checking the surrounding areas to see if the 'cat' turns up again. Since it appeared to be younger, it's wondered if it is still traveling with any others.

Although the animal was not believed to be larger-fully grown, cougars are among the most aggressive animals when it comes to preying on smaller animals--including pets. They're also some of the most non-skittish when it comes to human confrontations; hence the warnings from Police in the area.

Cougars are often considered the most predatory of the large cat family when it comes to people. These animals are not too friendly, either. See below. 


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