Is Diesel Fuel Surplus At An All-Time Low In Washington State?

File this as you learn something new every day. Rumors are swirling nationwide that we are depleting our diesel fuel and that our current reserves could be depleted in 25 days.

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Rumors Are Swirling That Diesel Fuel Will Be In Short Supply In Washington State

What does that mean for Washington State and our diesel fuel supply?

We grew up learning that fossil fuels are 'finite and won't last forever but it never occurred to me that we have reserves that are constantly being depleted and our supply of available diesel fuel supply averages roughly 35 to 40 days.

Rumors are swirling that the nation is down to 25 days in reserve supplies.

Our current average price for a gallon of diesel fuel in Washington State is running about $4.90-5.10.

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Fox News's Tucker Carlson twitted last week that the nation might be facing a diesel fuel crisis in the next few months as the diesel fuel supply is down to roughly 25 days.


Thanks to an article from CBS News, We can dig deeper into the facts and see if the statement of a fuel shortage rings true.

One economist from the article says to liken fuel to our milk supply.

Grocers on average have 3-4 days' worth of milk on hand but cows keep producing. It's the same with diesel fuel. We are at all-time lows for our diesel fuel supply but it keeps getting replenished daily.

Diesel Price 5 Dollars a Gallon
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According to the article, the only way we'd run out is if we start stockpiling fuel out of fear much like toilet paper a few years ago.

So rest easy dear reader, diesel fuel will still be available for your vehicles.

The one place you might fill the pinch is at the grocery stores because the cost of transporting goods is escalating due to the cost per gallon at the pump.

You can read more about the diesel fuel supply here  

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