Would You Support A Bill That Prohibits Dogs From Leaning Out Of Windows?

Our dogs in Washington State might no longer be able to poke their heads out of the car window if some lawmakers have their way.


Florida Lawmaker Wants To Pass A Law About Dogs Hanging Out Of Windows

It only takes on passage of a law in another state to affect us here in Washington State.

I was reading that in Florida, a lawmaker would like to ban dogs from hanging outside of a vehicle window.

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Fox News is reporting that a lawmaker in Florida would like make it illegal for a dog to stick its head outside of a vehicle as it's moving.


According to the article, State Sen. Lauren Book, a Democrat who represents parts of South Florida, introduced the animal welfare bill last week.

The law if it does go into effect would prohibit a pet from extending its body or head outside of a moving vehicle while on a public roadway.

Sen. Book cited animal safety concerns and animal welfare as the reasons for the proposed bill.

The Humane Society of Florida responded in the article that animals could get hurt by flying objects such as dust and dirt and other airborne objects. The Humane Society also commented that a dog's mucous membranes can also be irritated from excessive winds.

Dog in a Car Window

The bill still has a long way to go to become law in Florida but if it does pass, could that law make its way to Washington State?

The law would require pets to be in a harness or restraint when traveling in a car.

I do agree that some dogs on a flatbed truck running around terrifies me but this proposal might be an overreach on the part of lawmakers.

Would you support this law if it was proposed in Washington State?

You can read more on the proposed bill here. 

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