What Is The Greater Idaho Movement?

Another Oregon county wants to break away from Oregon and help form a new state called Greater Idaho.

Can Counties In Oregon Break Away From Oregon And Join Idaho?

I've written before about how hard it would be for counties in Washington State to become a new state called Liberty which has been a movement here in Eastern Washington. 

legislators proposed splitting Eastern and Western WA (Wa state legislative website)
legislators proposed splitting Eastern and Western WA (Wa state legislative website)
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So one Oregon County, Crook County to be exact has joined several other counties that have voted to secede from Oregon and hopefully become part of a new state called "Greater Idaho".

According to the website GreaterIdaho.org, Crook County passed Measure 7-86 by 53%  that they support negotiations to move the Oregon/Idaho border in Idaho.

Crook County's approval makes it the 13th county to support moving Oregon's border some 200 miles inland to create Greater Idaho.

Director Matt McCaw of the Greater Idaho movement issued the following statement:

"The voters of eastern Oregon have spoken loudly and clearly about their desire to see border talks move forward. With this latest result in Crook County, there's no excuse left for the Legislature and Governor to continue to ignore the people's wishes. We call on the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President to sit down with us and discuss next steps towards changing governance for eastern Oregonians, as well as for the legislature to begin holding hearings on what a potential border change will look like."

credit: greateridaho.org
credit: greateridaho.org

According to the website, The Greater Idaho movement seeks to move the border between Oregon and Idaho to include 14 full eastern Oregon counties and 3 partial ones.

In addition to the 13 counties that have passed Greater Idaho measures, in 2023 the Idaho House passed a memorial inviting the Oregon Legislature to begin border talks.

If you have been keeping a scorecard, it seems the Great Idaho movement has picked up steam, especially with the passage of Measure 7-6.

You can get more details on the vote and the movement here.


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