This has got to be the cruelest prank I've heard of in a long time. Basically someone called the McDonalds on Steptoe in Kennewick and claimed to be with the fire department...

then told the McDonalds employee they were checking the fire alarm system remotely,

According to a report from KNDU here's what happened:

Police say the employee was told to pull the fire alarm, to re-set the system which resulted in the system spraying a chemical agent used to put out any fire over the grills and deep fryers.

This resulted in the restaurant having to close and create a loss in the area of $5,000 in clean up, repairs and sales, said to police.

The investigation revealed that a similar call was made to the Kennewick Ave. McDonalds however staff at that location hung up on the caller.

KPD also reported a similar incident at the McDonalds located in Stanfield, OR where the alarm was also activated.

Kennewick Fire Department advises they will not call a business to conduct fire alarm testing under any circumstance.

I feel bad for the employee who was duped and for the owner of the McDonalds...

What is Wrong with people?

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