On Monday, after more than two months of competition, Finals Night was upon us. Whee!

All three remaining couples performed two routines — a regular dance and the beloved “freestyle” dance, where there are no rules and everyone just gets to have some fun for a change.

If things go the way they're supposed to, the best couple will be awarded with that shiny mirrorball trophy Tuesday night. Of course this being a show where call-in votes make up half the final score, that may or may not actually happen — but who was worthy of the ultimate prize?

  • Ricki and Derek


    Every time Derek's been in the finals in previous seasons, he's walked away with the trophy. Ricki obviously doesn't want to let him down, so threw herself into spins and lifts she wasn't terribly comfortable with. In the end, it came off really well, if a bit choppy. Score: 9 9 9

  • Rob and Cheryl


    Cheryl's a two-time winner of 'DWTS' herself, so she knows how to choreograph to a partner's strengths. Knowing Rob has scored better in slower dances, she put together a smart, stylish '20s-inspired routine — and got the couple's first perfect scores of the season. Score: 10 10 10

  • J.R. and Karina


    After being dropped on her head last season, Karina was understandably a bit nervous about doing lifts with another amateur partner, but she needn't have worried. J.R. was back on his game this week and the two delivered what was by far the highest-energy dance of the night, loaded with hip hop moves and plenty of booty-shaking. The end result? Yet another 30 for their scrapbook — putting Karina that much closer to what may be her first 'DWTS' victory after years on the show. Score: 10 10 10

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