It's Halloween, and my wife and I have just moved out of our 100-year-old farmhouse in Prosser. It had never occurred to me that someone could've died in the house, but with a place that old, something creepy must've happened, right? I just had to find out!

Here's what I discovered ...

A website called provides a report of who has ever died in your home. It costs $11.99, but it also runs a variety of reports. such as whether your house has been a meth lab or has housed a registered sex offender.

And here's what the site uncovered about our old farmhouse:

Details on the deaths 175001 W. Byron Road, Prosser
There are 0 people that may have died at this address.


Kind of anticlimactic, I guess -- but on the other hand, good to know.

So ... should be pretty peaceful around our old place. Happy Halloween, everybody!