A new survey by the British Heart Foundation reveals that 14% of women have tossed out their partner's old clothes without telling him. Other findings:

The average woman has 16 items in her wardrobe she has never worn.11% of women say tossing out clothes is better than sex.33% of people hang onto clothes because they remind them of a better time.

Here's a funny list of old things we just can't seem to get rid of.

1. Old photo frames and photos (67%)

2. Clothes that no longer fit (46%)

3. CD collection from our youth (40%)

4. Unused gifts (36%)

5. A favorite teddy (30%)

6. Last season's clothes (24%)

7. Children's clothes (18%)

8. Wedding dress (17%)

9. A lava lamp (12%)

10. Little black dress (10%)



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