A distinctive purse might be the key to take down a Richland thief. Richland Police need your help in identifying a suspect in a recent theft case and her purse might be a key to the case.

In a posting from the Richland Police Department, Officer George is asking you or someone you might know if they can identify the woman in the photo below:

credit: Richland Police Department
credit: Richland Police Department

The Police pointed out that she has a very distinctive purse and thinks you might be able to recognize her from the purse.

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If you feel like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, maybe you can figure out who this woman is.

If you do recognize her, Richland Police are asking that you reach out to them at their non-emergency number at (509) 628-0333 and reference case 21-06380

You can also take a better look at the picture here if need be.

One of the good things about living in the Tri-Cities is the relatively low crime rate. Richland is one of those towns that enjoys a lower crime rate than the national average due to the fact that generally, Richland employs more police officers than the average town of the same size.

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