I'm a member of the LDS faith (Mormon) and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at a new report from research psychologists. They had heard a lot of Mormons claim they can tell another member of their faith based on appearance alone (don't try to deny it!) The assertion is that members of the faith have a special look about them. So the researchers at Tufts University decided to test that theory by showing photographs of strangers to research subjects. The result was "statistically significant" -- that means people (both members of the church and others) WERE able to ID Mormons 60 percent of the time. Why? They began digging deeper and found it was their skin. The researchers concluded LDS people (on average) have better skin. Why? They think it's because religious people (of any kind) are statistically healthier, and healthy people have better skin. So what do YOU think? Do the Mormons you know have nice skin? (not mine!)