Las Vegas and Miami are known for their glitz and glamour, but all that fun apparently comes at a price. The residents in those cities have been deemed the most in need of some rest and relaxation.

Mattress company Beautyrest recently set out to find the top US cities where people are the most sleepless, stressed out, overworked, or otherwise less than fully charged.

To do so, the company studied scores of social media posts and Google searches, and then did an analysis to determine the exercise, diet, mental health and sleep habits of each city’s residents. For example, New York City residents had the highest volume of stress-related tweets, Los Angeles denizens most often reported they “can’t sleep,” and Bostonians do the most anxiety-related Google searches.

Chris Freytag, a wellness expert for Beautyrest, said there are some simple steps we can take to restore balance and recharge ourselves, adding, “Getting better sleep is a great first step, especially since 73 percent of us are getting less sleep per night than we should, and 70 million Americans are affected by sleep problems.”

10 cities most in need of some rest and relaxation:

1. Las Vegas
2. Miami
3. Austin, Texas
4. Atlanta
5. Durham, North Carolina
6. Houston
7. Chicago
8. Arlington, Texas
9. Pittsburgh
10. Columbus, Ohio