The "True Clean Towel" is an instructional bath towel designed to guide you through the body-drying process.

Use the part labeled "top" for your upper half and the part labeled "bottom" for your lower half to keep track of where your towel has been.

( This way, you don't dry your face with the part of the towel you used to dry your butt the day before.)

New York-based graphic designer Adam Ross says he "wanted to create a simple solution to a very common problem that people don't often discuss."

His main goal was to create a practical, high-quality bath towel that could get used over and over again like any other towel. He didn't want to make something cheap that would get thrown away after a few laughs.

He sells his towels strictly on his website for $19 a pop, but he's looking to expand.

He's even made a couple of online infomercials to go with the product.

If the True Clean Towel eventually goes mainstream, he'll begin making it in multiple colors and perhaps even design a "His and Hers" set for couples so women everywhere are finally safe from accidentally using their men's grungy bath towel.

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