If you know me, then you know that I am a pet lover.  Some would say I am "that cat-lady."  Over the years, I've rescued a few felines, with my husband, Jeff.  Just recently, we lost our girl Stacy, a lovely calico, who we gave a home to back in 2004.  We would walk our dog, Davey, and Stacy jumped out from a bush and followed us home.  She must have known Davey, a beagle-bulldog mix was going through something.  She never left.  Davey died a short time later.

At the time, we had another cat, Kenny, a robust tuxedo cat.

Kenny 1

Stacy came right in.  It took some time for Kenny to accept this beautiful talker. She was very vocal and it seemed, wanted to go in and out as she pleased.  This wasn't going work.  There were always stray cats fighting at night.  After a few nights, Stacy was in to stay.  We lived in a large apartment complex in Redlands, California at this time.  In 2014, we re-located to the Tri-Cities.  We all made the trip ok.  Stacy traveled in my car.  Kenny made the journey as company for Jeff in his vehicle.  We all ended up at Clover Island Inn for a stay while we scouted for a rental property that allowed pets. We found a Kennewick property and got settled in.  Fast forward to 2018.  It was time for Kenny to leave us.  It was hard.  Thankful, we had Stacy Mama to love us.  She missed him.  We adopted Koko.  Sadly, we lost Stacy earlier this year, as I was out of state working.  She died on the bathroom floor.  I wasn't there for my girl.  It was just Jeff and Koko.  I returned this past June and was glad to reunite with Jeff and Koko Kitty.

I feel like we all could use another friend.  As it is, I see there are a number of pets needing homes.  I think it's time.

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